3D Rendering Virtual Reality

The 3D Scanning and the creating of interactive immersive 3D Showcases; 3D Floor Plans & Dollhouses or the creation of detailed CAD drawings with the use of the point cloud, are limited to existing structures only.

3DVirtualAfrica can however ALSO offer the 3D rendering and creation of Virtual Reality tours off spaces, which only exist on paper.

By providing us with CAD drawings of the future project, detailed life-like 3D models and Virtual Reality tours can be created.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are changing the AEC industry, introducing a fresh approach towards the marketing, planning and presenting of new builds.

It fulfils a crucial role for Architects, Interior Designers Building Contractors and Property Developers as well as Engineers, mines etc.

The benefits of 3D Rendering:

  • Visualise and Virtually explore a building before it has actually been built.
  • Market new “off the plan” developments with VR as if the show houses are already built.
  • Training, staff inductions, health and safety planning of new sites.
  • Ideal for simulated training.

3D Rendering Virtual Reality

3D Rendering Virtual Reality

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