Schematic Floor Plans

A schematic floor plan can be provided from each 3D Showcase.

These schematic floor plans not only include individual room measurements and illustrations of property features, but also include the total floor area calculation.

Each schematic floor plan includes the estimated size of the property based on the floor area of the uploaded model.

The size is based on the Gross Internal Area (GIA) which is calculated from the inside perimeter of the property and includes all internal areas excluding voids or areas below 1.5m head-height.

Garages, conservatories and patios will not be included in the internal area calculation.

Beside the area calculation of the property, schematic floor plans also includes the following information regarding the property:

  • An area calculation for individual floors
  • Individual room measurements
  • Room labels/ names
  • Illustrations of permanent features (such as kitchen units, toilets, sinks and bathtubs)

The use of schematic floor plans is ideal for:

  • Real Estate Marketing.
  • Health and Safety Training.
  • Fire Evacuation Plans.
  • Staff Handbooks and Induction Programs.
  • Public buildings and information boards/desks.
  • Space restructuring and interior design.

Schematic floor plans comes as an additional product to the 3D Virtual Showcase of a property and is not a stand-alone product. Each schematic floor plan comes with an interactive 3D Virtual Showcase, 3D Floor Plans and a Virtual Reality Link.


Schematic Floor Plans

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