Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality takes your business marketing into the 21st Century. This fantastic digital experience is a great tool and add-on that can help you:
  • Drive traffic to your marketing platforms and promote your venue or products.
  • Increase exposure by sharing your VR Space online and worldwide.
  • Reach remote customers so they may feel as if they are there in person.
  • Differentiate our business and venue from your competitors.
  • Reduce costs by visiting in VR first, before visiting in person.
  • Connect with the tech-savvy millennial market.
By using Virtual Reality tours of your business or venue, you not only create a memorable experience for your clients but also offer them the opportunity to explore the location without leaving their seat. This completely immersive experience, are not made from a CGI render of your property, nor are they made from stitched together 360° photographs. It is created with the latest 3D scanning technology, combined with photo-accurate imaging and lifelike dimensions. Virtual reality property tours work seamlessly with all of the major VR hardware, including Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and SmartVR. All you need is a modern smartphone and headset. Applications:
  • Draw and reach the masses at trade-shows and expos with an exciting real-life virtual experience.
  • Keep a VR headset at your office and build excitement by showing a property or venue in VR before visiting it in person.
  • Take your venue or business directly to the decision makers.
  • Influence the right people at presentations and meetings using an immersive virtual reality 3D tour.
  • Showcase any space to geographically distributed decision makers and overseas buyers.
  • Use VR to effectively create a 24/7 open house, accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Manage the client experience and give guests peace of mind before they even arrive.
  • Virtually explore hotels, gyms, hotels, lecture halls, libraries or any facility before visiting in person.
  • Incorporate VR technology in your training, staff inductions and in preparation for visiting hazardous or remote sites.

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